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Incorporated in 2012, Kasanoma LLC has developed a communications infrastructure for real-time interactive communications that will open up possibilities for cost-efficient global services such as Telecast, Teleconference and Peer-to-Peer communications. Our communication infrastructure is illustrated below.We seek to provide a broadband infrastructure to support global secured real-time Peer-to-Peer, multi-party and broadcast communications.
The need for interaction on a global scale is being met with diffusion of wireless and land-line telephones, localized radios and televisions. In recent years there has been introduction of several Internet communication services in the form of social networks, text messaging, audio streaming, video calling, video conferencing and video streaming. What communication services to use have depended on how one wants to communicate, how much one wants to pay and how much privacy one wants to maintain. Now comes Kasanoma to meet these communication needs in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.
30 years of experience in Landline, Wireless and UHF/VHF communications have led Kasanoma to a communication infrastructure promised to change the way several broadband communication services are offered. Our software engineers, with years of experience in embedded software engineering, have transferred their experiences to an application platform with resulting software technology that enables fresh communication environment.
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